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Raspberry ketone is a phenolic and aromatic compound, which is found in red raspberries. It is also found in blackberries and cranberries, but has been mainly derived from raspberries for its various applications in the weight loss programs, as food additives, as perfume contents, and more. Since only as little as 1 mg to 4 mg of ketone can be derived from about 1 kg of raspberries, scientists have found ways of making these supplements through synthetic processes.

About Ketones
Ketones are enzymes that are naturally found in human bodies, and these are produced more as a result of the fatty acids in the body being metabolized. In other words, ketone is produced when your body fat is broken down into energy, when your body requires glucose.

How does Raspberry Ketone Work?
Fats are preserved in the form of triglycerides in your body, which are broken down in times of requirement to be converted into calories. HSL or Hormone Sensitive Lipase is an enzyme, which catalyzes breaking down of these stored fats or triglycerides. For this process to happen, the HSL has to move from cytosol to lipid droplet in the fat cells, which enable the triglycerides to be broken down.
Raspberry ketone supplements aid this process of moving HSL from cytosol to lipid droplet and increase the ability of your body to burn out your stored fats.

Raspberry Ketones Supplements

How do raspberry ketone supplements enhance your weight loss?
There are various factors through which a raspberry ketone supplement enhances your weight loss process.

  • Controls Insulin: Raspberry ketone controls or regulates adiponectin, which is a hormone that influences your insulin level.

  • Body Temperature: Ketones also affect norepinephrine, which contributes to increase in metabolism and increased body temperature, which in turn burns out your body fat.

  • Lipase Absorption: Pancreatic lipase is an enzyme, which helps your small intestine to absorb fat from your diet. If this lipase is inhibited, it results in less amount of fat being absorbed from your diet. Raspberry ketone supplements help your body to inhibit this lipase content.

  • Glucose Level: Glucose and fructose are two dietary sugars that build up fat in your body. Ketone supplements help reduce the amount of these dietary sugars, which in turn help you to loose more fat and weight.

  • More Oxygen: Whenever you exercise, the ketone supplements ensure there is more inflow of oxygen that contributes to increased blood flow in the body. This in turns increases the metabolism in your body to burn out your body fat and loose your weight faster.

  • Increased Rate: Triglycerides are nothing but the storage of fat in your adipose tissues, which are huge energy storage. Whenever you consume fewer carbohydrates, your stored fat is broken into FFAs or free fatty acids as well as glycerol. Raspberry ketone increases breaking down of triglyceride fats, which is a great contributor to your weight loss program.

  • Antioxidants: Ketones are the best antioxidants that contribute to increasing your metabolic rate and fat burning. This is because; these contain essential vitamins like A, C, B, D, and E, and also contain selenium, lycopene, quercetin, proanthocyanidins, geranium, and more.

Key Benefits of Raspberry Ketones
There are various benefits rendered by raspberry ketones, which include:

  • It is an effective supplement to increase your speed up your weight loss

  • It helps you to loose your belly fat

  • It increases your energy levels for your workouts, so that you are able to workout for longer duration than usual, which in turn contributes to your muscle building as well as weight loss.

  • It has antioxidants and essential vitamins

  • It enhances your body metabolism, which contributes to burning your body fat

  • It also helps you to fight Type 2 Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Obesity, Fatty Liver diseases, as well as Metabolic Syndrome.

  • It reduces the liver fat, which enhances your overall health.

Since it is a natural component extracted from red strawberries, original supplements do not have any side effects in your body. It not only improves your physical health but also contributes to your increased confidence and self-image due to your weight loss and fitness levels.

What makes raspberry ketone good?
One of the key benefits of these ketone supplements is the quick effect it has in your weight loss. When you pick the best ketone supplement in the market with all necessary ingredients with the help of your physician, you can be sure to achieve faster results. A good supplement with a proper exercise schedule and diet it can produce miraculous results in as less as two weeks.

This supplement, when combined with certain Thermogenic natural components, is said to have greater results. Some of the combinations include; green tea, African mango, resveratrol, acai berry, etc. Nevertheless, even individually, when taken in right dosages, it  can offer great results in weight loss and fat loss.

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